Remo 22″ Powerstroke 4 Bass Drum หนังกลอง เบสดรัม ขนาด 22 นิ้ว

Dark, Warm, and Punchy Bass Drum Tone!

When you need maximum strength, epic punch, focused mids, and low-end warmth, Remo Powerstroke 4 bass batter drumheads are the way to go. Essentially, Powerstroke 4 is a 2-ply version of Remo’s extremely popular Powerstroke 3 head. Hands down, this head is the darkest option among Remo’s Weatherking heads, and the addition of a 10-Mil inlay ring to the 7- and 5-Mil plies gives the Powerstroke 4 the warmest sound of any of the 2-ply clear Remo heads we’ve tried at Sweetwater. And with its integrated Falam patch, you’ll get plenty of attack out of this bass drumhead.

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