Zildjian A Custom Medium Ride – 20″ ฉาบซิลเจียน เอ คัสตอม มีเดียม ไรด์ ขนาด 20 นิ้ว

฿12,500 ฿10,000

A 20″ Ride with Excellent Stick Definition!

The Zildjian A Custom 20″ ride cymbal is the perfect choice when you need a ride that with good stick definition and a good deal of colorful, warmer tones. The A Custom 20″ Ride cymbal is a medium ride cymbal finished in a tradtional finish. Zildjian is a premium cymbal brand with a history running back over 380 years. Add the legacy of Zildjian to your kit with the A Custom 20″ ride cymbal.

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